ATI Radeon X1650 XT with Native CrossFire

Hello All. ATI is taking the wraps off yet another mid-range product offering today, the Radeon X1650 XT.  Like the X1950 Pro that was released a few weeks ago, the new Radeon X1650 Pro features a new GPU with native CrossFire support. Here's a snip from the article...

"Today, ATI is adding yet another member to the Radeon X1K family of products, the Radeon X1650 XT. While its name suggests the X1650 XT is nothing more than a higher clocked variation on the barely 2-month old Radeon X1650 Pro, that's actually not the case.  The Radeon X1650 Pro is based on a new GPU, formerly code-named RV560, that is much more powerful than anything else in the X16x0 family."

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