ATi Promo, Plextor DVD Writer, Logitech MX-510 and More

Good evening friends, glad to see you are back.  My buddy and I decided to hit the local computer store after work to pickup a few totally unneeded accessories.  Personally, I was on the hunt for a new CPU Cooler for my AMD rig.  In the end I decided upon Zalman's CNPS7000-Cu.  Though it is not the best for overclocking, the low decibel rating is the key feature to mine eye.

News?  I have you covered...  


Our friends over at ATi just informed us that they are offering North American shoppers a ten dollar off coupon for ATI products bought through their e-commerce store.  All you have to do is jump to one of the links below and enter the Promo code provided when making your purchase. Enjoy :)

Coupon Details

Coupon Code: $10off
Expires: 8/14/2004

Products valid:
Any ATI Graphics Card (Gamer/Multimedia/TV Tuners)

Store Fronts:
US Store:
CDN Store:

 Plextor PX-712SA DVD Writer @ t-break

"Plextor has been around pretty much since CDs were first introduced to the world. In 1998 Plextor began producing CD-R/RW drives which proved to be very popular. In 2003, the increasing demand for DVD writers caused Plextor to introduce DVD R/RW drives to the ever expanding market. Today they provide a large variety of top range products, but their main focus is still on DVD and CD RW drives"

 Logitech MX-510 Performance Optical Mouse Review @ 3DX

"This new mouse uses the latest Logitech MX Optical Engine to deliver a staggering 800 DPI resolution, image processing rate of 5.8 megapixels/sec and is able to track up to 15 G's of acceleration!"

 PowerColor RADEON X800 PRO: Modification vs. Leadtek GeForce 6800 GT @ xbitlabs

"The first question an overclocker may ask about the RADEON X800 Pro is if it's possible to turn its disabled pipelines back on and then overclock it to the level of the RADEON X800 XT Platinum Edition? Then, will the X800 Pro be able to beat its immediate rival from NVIDIA, the GeForce 6800 GT, which is a cheapened version of a top-end model, too? Read our review to find all these answers now!"

 XGI Volari V8 Reference Card Review @ PC Stats

"It's quite amazing to realize the extent to which Nvidia and ATI dominate the mainstream computer graphics market. Easily 95% of video cards reviewed over the past four years are using technology from one of these two giants. Since the death of 3DFX, only a few blips from Matrox, Savage and SIS have registered on our radar. Now XGI Technology has spawned itself from the ashes of SIS's graphics division and launched into the competition for the 3D graphics throne."

That is all for the moment.  I will catch you later :) - Cheers