ATI CrossFireX - 4-Way 3870 CrossFire In Action

By now we hope you have all taken some time to check out our evaluation of AMD’s latest ATI Radeons, the HD 3870 and HD 3850.  If you haven’t you can find the article right here.  In that article we talk a bit about CrossFireX and explain that with a future driver release and the right motherboard, two, three, and four-way CrossFire configurations will be possible.  And now, we want to show you what a system with four-way CrossFire will look like...


What you see here are four Radeon HD 3870 cards installed in an upcoming MSI motherboard built around the AMD 790FX chipset.  We don’t have benchmarks results to share with you just yet, but you can probably guess how things will scale.  Just like 2-way CrossFire games that are AFR friendly will receive the biggest boost in performance, while games that require SFR won’t scale as much.  And obviously, three- and four-way CrossFire will be faster than a two-card setup.

Via:  HotHardware
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