ATi Catalyst 5.2, ATA VS SATA, and more!

Hey folks, I'm here to bring you a news update before heading off to bed. ATI has released version 5.2 of their Catalyst driver. Click here for the download page, and click here for the release notes. Goodnight all :)

Hard Drives: ATA versus SATA @ BigBruin

"The current SATA standard provides significant benefits over ATA in terms of convenience, power consumption and, most importantly, performance. The main thing ATA has going for it right now is history, as it has been the standard for so long that it will not likely disappear any time soon."

Mushkin DDR2 PC2-4200 CL3-2-2 1GB Kit Review @ MVKTech

"The PC2-4200 CL 3-2-2-8 is some of the fastest DDR2 on the planet with excellent over-clocking head room. Thanks to the pre-programmed SPD in eeprom the PC2-4200 CL 3-2-2-8 will auto configure the memory timings for optimum performance. When Mushkin advertises this ram at CL 3-2-2-8 then you can bet your system will boot up at CL 3-2-2-8."

Foxconn NF4UK8AA-8EKRS nForce4 Ultra Motherboard @ Bjorn3D

"If the buzz and excitement over the new nForce4 boards coming out is any indication of how successful NVIDIA's new chipset will be, then we just might have another nForce2 on our hands. If you wanted the best in Athlon XP performance and overclocking, you looked towards NVIDIA and one of its partner's nForce2 solutions. It's a safe bet that NVIDIA and its partners hope the same happens with the Athlon 64 and its nForce4."

Asetek's VapoChill XE-II @

"If you want the ability to run your CPU well above its rated speed, in relative peace and quiet, and you have around £500 to drop on cooling that'll last you for some years to come, Asetek have something for you to spend your money on."

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