ATI All-In-Wonder HD, A Legend Returns

When ATI was acquired by AMD a few years ago, one product that seemed to fall off of the new corporate radar was ATI's All-In-Wonder line of Graphics/TV-Tuner hybrid cards. This was an area of the market where ATI had exclusivity, yet we haven't seen a new All-In-Wonder offering since May 2006. Rest assured however, ATI has not abandoned the All-In-Wonder, they've simply been working on the next iteration of the Graphic/TV-Tuner stalwart, with their latest offering coming in the form of the ATI All-In-Wonder HD.

Back on 2004, ATI released its first HDTV Wonder TV card and now, four years later, they've merged HDTV capabilities with a graphics card, which is the culmination of the new All-In-Wonder HD we'll be looking at here today. In the four years since the HDTV Wonder was released, a lot has changed. While its HDTV Tuner for the PC was one of the first of its kind, the market may not have been ripe for such a product, with limitations of OTA digital signal, and a bulky antenna, being a major detractor. Today however, with the change over to DTV broadcasting immanent, this could be a prime time to offer a hybrid class card that can grow with the new transmission medium of Digital broadcasting.

The All-In-Wonder HD continues on the All-In-Wonder path of melding a graphics card with the latest TV-Tuner technologies into a single package. With this version, the All-In-Wonder HD breaks new ground, being the first All-In-Wonder to bring ClearQAM support to the mix. Click the link below and check it out...

ATI All-In-Wonder HD, A Legend Returns
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