ATi & Abit PRs, DDR2 Pricing, X800XT PE and More

Good afternoon folks!  It's a muggy, wet day here in HH's New York lab.  It seems like Mother Nature is making up for the fantastic weather this Father's Day!  No matter though, I've got 6 video cards running through our benchmark suite in preparation for some upcoming articles, and could use a good excuse to stay inside chained to the keyboard!  For now though, I've got a healthy serving of hardware news.  Here you go...

 Abit launches a new web site along with their new LGA-775 AS8, AG8, and AA8-Duramax motherboards:

ABIT launches the AS8; 775-pin CPU, Intel 865PE Chipset Pentium 4 Mainboard FSB800, Dual DDR 400, SATA RAID, IEEE1394, ABIT Engineered. More.

ABIT launches the AG8; Using the Intel 915P and 775-pin CPU Guru just got stronger; Overclocking Strips Return and OTES AeroFlow for the NB cools your entire PC quietly. More.

ABIT launches the AA8-DuraMAX; With DDR2, PCI-Express, Intel 925X & 775-pin CPU µGuru just got stronger; Overclocking Strips Return and OTES AeroFlow for the NB cools your entire PC quietly. More.

 ATI is graphics provider of choice for new OEM PCI Express systems:

MARKHAM, ON – ATI Technologies Inc. (TSX: ATY, NASDAQ: ATYT) today announced it has been chosen by the majority of leading OEMs worldwide to provide the visual processors in their new PCI Express systems. More.

 June 2004 DDR2 Pricing Update @ Legit Reviews:

"The good news is that prices have come down greatly since last month!
Prices are still not as low as consumers would like to see them, but one has to expect a price premium on new technology that just came out..."

 Visiontek Radeon X800XT PE Reviewed @ VR-Zone Hardware:

"Overclocking a flagship card without voltage mods or extra cooling is usually non-eventful. Since the card is the fastest that ATI currently has to offer, it is already pushed to its limits, especially with reference cooling. From a core clock speed of 520MHz and memory speed of 1.12GHz, we were able to overclock the Visiontek Radeon X800XT Platinum Edition's core 22MHz and memory 30MHz, ending up with a final clock speed of 542MHz and memory speed of 1.5GHz."

 Dave Orton (ATi CEO) Interview @ DriverHeaven:

"Allan: Where would you like to see ATI in 5 years time - what are your goals?

Dave: In this industry, five years is a lifetime! In fact, if we follow Moore's law, in five years we will have increased graphics performance by a factor of 10. On the PC side, first I'd like to see that the visual aspects of the PC market continue to grow and that ATI is at the forefront of driving that growth. Of course I want to see ATI continue to gain strength, momentum and marketshare. We are also focusing on growing the other parts of our business. Five years from now 3D gaming will be default on cell phones and DTV will be everywhere. We have made great strides in the handheld and DTV markets and we will continue to grow in those areas. From a corporate perspective, I would like to see ATI recognized as a truly innovative company and a leader in the semiconductor industry."

That's just about going to do it for now.  If you haven't already done so, make sure you check out our review of ATi's new HDTV Wonder.  Links are at the top of the page, and just below this news post!

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