Atari Plots Hardware Return With GameBand Wrist-Worn Wearable For Retro Gaming Goodness

Hot on the heels of Nintendo tasting super-sweet success with its NES Classic Edition, companies all over have been wondering whether or not they could repeat the big N's success -- including Atari. We find this out through a new update to the website for GameBand, a wearable device that up to this point supported only Minecraft. With the teaser below, few secrets are kept.

Gameband Atari

To guess at what's coming, it helps to look at where we're coming from - or, at least where GameBand comes from. The Minecraft edition of the wearable includes a multi-OS copy of the game, allowing fans to get their fix regardless of the computer they're using. Based on that, it's hard to imagine an Atari GameBand being anything other than a wearable USB device loaded with classic Atari titles.

It's important to note that Atari isn't new to this whole "design current products around old games" concept. The company has introduced devices similar to the NES Classic Edition on the market for a while, and the hardware has been updated over time. A wearable would be a very, very unique device.

Minecraft Gameband
Minecraft Gameband

While we're speculating at this point, it'd be great if the Atari GameBand came with an adapter that let people connect it directly to a television, for at-home play. Even if it doesn't have that, and based on the Minecraft iteration, this would be a cool device for those who find themselves with a lot of lulls throughout the day to kill some time with.

But, the question really must be begged: would you be dedicated enough to Atari to want to wear a wristband all day in the event you may have the opportunity to play?

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