ASUS Z7S WS Receives Intel Innovation Award

ASUS Z7S WS Receives Intel Innovation Award

-- Integrating Dual CPU Performance with Compact Size --

FREMONT, CALIFORNIA (August 19, 2008) - ASUS, a leading name in high quality computer components and solutions, received an Intel Server and Storage Innovation Award for the Z7S WS workstation motherboard. Positioned for power users, the Z7S WS features dual socket 771 and utilizes the Intel 5400 chipset to deliver high speed performance and wide expansion capabilities. With a CEB form factor, the Z7S WS offers a compact, yet powerful workstation.

In additions to dual CPU sockets, the Z7S WS' 6 fully buffered (FB) DIMMs, dual Gigabit LAN, dual e-SATA, firewire, and 5 USB ports offer rich flexibility for both data processing and transfer. The Z7S WS' heat-pipe improves durability and maximizes heat dissipation. An optional ASUS patented MemCool Kit eliminates system memory throttling due to temperature, and eases system integration. The Z7S WS' compact CEB form factor (12" x 10.5") – allows it to reside in a wide variety of chassis.

"By working closely with Intel, our experienced R&D teams offer exceptional performance, stability, and scalability. The Z7S WS is a strong example of ASUS’ workstation offerings leveraging Intel technology." Said Chris Liang, ASUS Server Product Manager.

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