Asus: Watch Those Batteries!

All those of you who are using generic, and in particular, high-capacity batteries with your Eee should watch out.  It seems you might have an explosive combination.

Second- and third-tier battery makers in China have begun to manufacture batteries designed to be used with the Eee PC. Some vendors are offering batteries with capacities up to 10,400mAh, which can support up to 5.5 hours of usage, priced around 500-600 RMB (US$71-86), according to channel vendors.

However, reports claim that one of these "high-capacity" batteries recently overheated during charging, and eventually exploded causing damage to the Eee PC. According to the reports, Asustek has refused to repair the PC, but Asustek has denied knowledge of the damage, while stressing that in such an event, any needed repairs that were the result of using non-certified batteries would not be covered by the company's warranty.

No word on if any of the batteries were manufactured by Sony (just a reminder: does anyone remember Sony's adventures in overheating batteries?).

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