ASUS' VivoTab Note 8 Hits the Microsoft Store, Is Already Out of Stock

For those looking to pick up a feature-rich Windows 8.1 tablet, ASUS' VivoTab Note 8 is an attractive offering, and the best part is, it's just hit the Microsoft Store. That's the upside - the downside is that as of the time of writing, it's shown as being "Out of stock" - a bit surprising given the listing just appeared today.

As we covered back at CES, the VivoTab Note 8 is a tablet designed for the professional / student. Part of the reason why it earns this denotation is that it includes Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote), as well as a high-quality stylus by none other than Wacom.

Also as we learned from CES, this launch model features a Bay Trail Atom SoC from Intel (Z3740), 2GB of LPDDR3 memory, a microSD slot, microUSB port, HD front camera, 802.11n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, and up to 8 hours of battery-life. While ASUS stated that its VivoTab Note 8 would be available with "up to 64GB" of storage, the only listing at the Microsoft Store is spec'd at 32GB.

Given the fact that the only listing is already sold out, we're not sure if it's because of huge demand, an unfortunate lack of product, or a mistake with the product being listed at this point in time (which would explain the lack of a 64GB model). Either way, for any mobile Windows 8.1 user, this tablet is attractive all-around - despite the fact that it's listed at $30 higher than what ASUS claimed it'd launch at ($329 USD).