ASUS Unleashes Hardware For AMD's Phenom

ASUS Unleashes the Ultimate Hardware Combination for the New AMD Phenom Processors

-- The new M3A32-MVP Deluxe/WiFi-AP motherboard and triple EAH3850/3870 graphics solutions create a new category of performance components to deliver next-generation user experience --

Fremont, California (November 19) – ASUS, worldwide leader in component and notebook design and manufacturing, today announced a combination of motherboard and graphics cards based on the new AMD 790FX chipset and ATI Radeon™ HD3800 series GPUs to deliver a next-generation DirectX® 10 gaming experience. Designed to complement the AMD Phenom processors to form the ultimate Spider platform, the new M3A32-MVP Deluxe/WiFi-AP motherboard and the EAH3850/3870 graphics cards feature the latest AMD technologies and supports Quad Crossfire.

“The combination of the new technologies from AMD and legendary engineering from ASUS creates a potent platform for enthusiasts. The scalable hardware design means our common customers benefit from both the performance and the upgradeability stand points,” commented Timothy Lin, Director of Product Management at ASUS Computer International.

Unique Motherboard Design Results in Superb Stability
Traditional thermal solutions for memory modules, like memory heat spreaders, only dissipate heat away from the modules; but the heat is still trapped within the system itself. ASUS’ exclusive Cool Mempipe effectively transfers the heat generated by the memory chips to the heat sink near the back I/O ports, where it can be effectively dissipated by existing airflows within the system. The ASUS revolutionary memory heat pipe solution lowers the memory temperatures by up to 10°C in water cooled systems and up to 5°C in air cooled systems, resulting in a more stable computing environment. To accommodate all memory build types, its flexible design makes it compatible with single or double-sided memory modules (with or without heat spreaders).

Overclocking Taken to the Next Level
To allow maximum overclocking without system crashes, the ASUS exclusive Precision Tweaker 2 technology lets users adjust the NB, SB, and DRAM voltages in 0.02v increments. By adjusting the voltages in smaller increments, users can safely achieve the highest voltage the system supports,, resulting in the best overcloking performance possible...

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