ASUS TransKeyboard Has You Covered From Minis to Full-Sized Tablets

Mashing away on a virtual keyboard is fine for the occasional email or browsing the web, but if you want to get any type of real work done on a tablet -- be it via Google Docs, QuickOffice, or whatever -- a physical plank suddenly becomes a necessity, not a luxury. There are many to choose from, but few as flexible as the TransKeyboard from ASUS.

The TransKeyboard is an ultra-slim and lightweight QWERTY keyboard that connects to your tablet via Bluetooth 3.0. So far nothing special, but what sets this one apart is that it can prop up a range of slates, from your 7-inch Android device all the way up to whatever 10-inch tablet you might be rocking.


It has a flexible folding design and magnets to fasten and secure your tablet. Fold it into a stand and you've got a great viewing angle for getting work done or browsing the web in a more convenient manner. When you're finished, the quick-fold design will have your keyboard covered and protected within seconds.

Transkeybaord typing

There's an On/Off switch on the bottom left of the TransKeyboard. It also has a micro USB port for charging the device (it comes with a charging cable).

ASUS didn't say how much the TransKeyboard will cost or when it will be available. We'll update that info once we know more.