Asus Rumored To Have Sub-$250 Chrome OS / Android 3.0 Netbook On Deck

This one is definitely considered a rumor for now, but the rumors are starting to align themselves in a way that makes it all so much easier to believe. Asus has already been pegged as one of the first laptop makers that'll be shipping Chrome OS netbooks, and now Digitimes is reporting that we could see that notebook as soon as June. Google recently halted the shipments of their CR-48 Chrome OS netbook, saying that the trial period had reached its conclusion and it was time to start thinking about laptop companies who could ship them en masse.

The netbook is reportedly on track to sell for just $200 to $250, with Intel inside and one of two operating systems: Android 3.0 or Chrome OS. It's set to be marketed towards consumers who only need to handle basic Office tasks and surf the Web, and for just $200, we suspect it'll sell quite well. Linux-based netbooks never really gained traction, but Google has a name brand that people trust. It'll be very interesting to see if Microsoft will be able to counter this in any meaningful way. In fact, we're still waiting for Microsoft to create a reasonable tablet OS! Tick, tock!