ASUS ROG NUC Gaming PC Packs Up To A Core Ultra 9 CPU And RTX 4070 GPU In A Sleek Case

asus rog nuc hero
ASUS will continue to keep the high performance NUC line going with the release of the ROG NUC, which should bring a smile to fans of the form factor. Codenamed Scorpion Canyon, it’s a compact PC that still manages to pack in very high-performance parts from Intel and NVIDIA. ASUS says that “the ROG NUC exemplifies the ASUS commitment to innovation and gaming excellence, setting the stage for a robust series of gaming NUCs.”

Prospective buyers will have the choice of getting a NUC kitted out with either an Intel Core Ultra 7 or Intel Core Ultra 9 processor. This should make the ROG NUC more than capable of high end gaming, and will most likely be a suitable option for content creators who need a system that they need to be able to move around with ease.

asus rog nuc body

Graphics options that will be available are the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060 or GeForce RTX 4070. These are solid GPUs that deliver great gaming experiences with ray-tracing chops. It’s also what ASUS is limited to offering as NVIDIA’s more powerful offerings are just too large to be able to fit in the sleek chassis. Unsurprisingly, AMD GPUs will not be an option with the ROG NUC as this is a partnership between ASUS and Intel.

ASUS is also looking to make maintaining the ROG NUC a breeze with a tool-less chassis design. This will make it easy for users to clean out the PC or possibly make any upgrades down the line, extending the life of the ROG NUC.

It’s great to see ASUS step up to serve this part of the PC market after Intel decided to bow out. The ROG NUC looks like it will be a solid option for gamers who don’t have the room for a traditional desktop PC, and might be a good option for a portion of content creators who need to be mobile.

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