ASUS ROG Ally Learns New Tricks Including One That Will Be A Hit On TikTok

Angled close-up view of the ASUS ROG Ally with HotHardware's splash screen on the display.
As one might expect, ASUS's ROG Ally gaming handheld is improving over time with continued updates and support. It was already a solid handheld when it launched, as we noted in our ROG Ally review, but it could also benefit from key improvements. Some of those are included in a new update that is rolling out today, one of which will make it easier for streamers to upload content to TikTok.

Listed among the several new features and enhancements included in the Armoury Crate SE 1.4.5 update is one that reads, "Can now share captured images and video to Discord and TikTok." As you're probably aware, TikTok is enjoying immense popularity and, for budding streamers, can be a strategic way to grow their brand or channel.

The latest update also notably adds a "joystick 'response curve' to stick adjustments in Game Profile & Control Mode (requires MCU v316 or newer)," which is something that ROG Ally owners have been asking for. Some of the initial complaints found that the default response curve was a bit too quick and inconsistent, as one user noted on Reddit several weeks ago.

ASUS ROG Ally on a purplish background.

Here's the full list of additions...
  • New feature: Added Gyroscope control and calibration settings. To use, adjust the gyroscope control in the Game Profile and set the Control Mode to Auto. (requires MCU v316 or newer)
  • New feature: Added joystick "Response Curve" to stick adjustments in Game Profile & Control Mode (requires MCU v316 or newer)
  • New feature: Added "Feedback Hub" to Help Center
  • New feature: Added an option to toggle CPU Boost in the Eco Assist settings
  • New feature: Added keyboard shortcut customization for opening ACSE and Command Center to the Settings page
  • New feature: Added "AMD Advanced Graphics Options" in GPU Operating Mode Settings
  • Enhancement: Can now share captured images and video to Discord and TikTok
  • Enhancement: Added support for more Real-Time Monitor layouts with varying levels of information (Off, Minimal, Row, and Square)
  • Enhancement: Updated the battery icon & slow charging tooltips in the Command Center and Navbar.
  • New feature (MCU 316): Added Gyroscope adjustment support for ACSE.
While perhaps not Earth-shattering, this is one of the more fleshed out updates to arrive since the ROG Ally landed. It's also a well-time update, given the discounted holiday pricing. You can score the ROG Ally with the Ryzen Z1 Extreme SoC (which is what we reviewed) for $599.99 at Best Buy (save $100).

Likewise, the ROG Ally with the regular Ryzen Z1 is now down to $399.99 at Best Buy, which is $200 below the MSRP. You can also check the availability of open-box options at your local store for an even bigger discount, if you're okay going that route. Either way, make sure to apply the latest update when/if you buy one.