Asus P5WD2, Koolance Aquain ICM-505 Liquid Cooling System

Trying to bring some order to current memory myths, Corsair has sent us a PDF showing the benefit some applications can receive from having a hefty 2GB of Ram installed. Half-Life 2's Lost Coast level is rumored to be out soon, and as many of you have heard, it does list 2GB of ram under the recommended requirements. Ouch. I'm still running on 512MB, so I might have to do a little shopping after the news.

Koolance Aquain ICM-505 Liquid Cooling System @ ExtremeMHz | Image

"Perhaps you have bought that killer pre-modded case you've always wanted and have formed quite a bond with it. However, you can't help but be impressed with some of the excellent water-cooled cases that Koolance offers. Well, Koolance has designed their new Aquain to target such enthusiasts. Provided your case does have a rear 120mm fan mount, the Aquian is an excellent alternative to air cooling and a very well designed product indeed."

Asus P5WD2 Review @ Neoseeker

"As I mentioned early on, at the lowest speed setting, the fan on this cooler is completely inaudible. At the highest speed setting, it is just marginally louder than the 6800 GT in its "low-power" state. However, I'm happy to report that throughout a one-hour testing session, the Zalman fan, which is temperature-controlled by the video card itself, was never adjusted beyond a 54% power level (as reported by RivaTuner)."

ASUS DRW-1608P DL Burner @ Viperlair

"Although there was a bit of erratic behavior in some of the speed tests, the ASUS drive still worked like it should, and as far as DL goes it was right on par with other drives we have tested. It's possible that a future firmware update (can be updated using Nero's) could correct these issues, if in fact it is the drive and not the media that caused us problems."

Sound Blaster X-Fi Coverage: Interview with Steve Erickson @ Hardware Zone

"At the launch of Creative's X-Fi sound cards, we managed to meet up with Steve Erickson, General Manager and Vice President for Creative Audio products, where we discussed the potential of the new series, dispelled some myths and the near future plans of Creative Technology."

The Rise And Distension Of The Instant Messenger @ Adrian's Rojak Pot

"The instant messenger is actually as old as the e-mail. Betcha didn't know that! Join Peaz as he looks at the instant messenger, from its humble beginnings to oligarchy that controls it today!"