Asus P5LD2 Premium, AeroCool Magic-3D PC Case, and more!

Hey folks, we got a big news post for you this morning! My weekend was full of beer and BBQ, but now it's monday so it's back to coffee and... well, still BBQ :) Anyway, Let's get rolling with a press release from ATI...

ATI's MobilityT RadeonR X800 XT Unleashes the Ultimate Mobile Gaming Experience

MARKHAM, ON - June 6, 2005 - ATI Technologies Inc. (TSX: ATY, NASDAQ:ATYT), the industry leader in notebook PC graphics, is raising the bar for the mobile enthusiast with the introduction of MobilityTM RadeonR X800 XT. Delivering lightning-fast, ultra-high graphics performance, the Mobility Radeon X800 XT features 16 pixel pipelines-an industry first in notebook graphics. Designed for high-end desktop replacement notebooks and today's most visually intensive games, the Mobility Radeon X800 XT unleashes the ultimate notebook gaming experience.

Mobility Radeon X800 XT will be available from world-leading designers of enthusiast gaming PCs including Alienware, Rock, Eurocom, VoodooPC, HyperSonic, Pro-Star, Velocity Micro and Sager.

"ATI continues to push the performance frontier in mobile graphics for today's most visually intense DirectX 9 games," said Patrick Cooper, director of product management for Alienware. "By offering mobile systems based on Mobility Radeon X800 XT, we can deliver the ultimate gaming experience that's second to none."

For more information: Click Here

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AMD; Down On It's Luck Again with Apple @ CoolTechZone

"Those of us aware of AMD's tremendous potential as a chipmaker have to be disappointed by Apple's recent news that it has chosen Intel as the sole chip provider for its Macintosh computers. In addition to the Apple news, AMD continues to strike out many of the world's largest PC OEMs, such as Dell. If the Apple news is true, this would come as a yet another financial hit to AMD and its strategies. Unfortunately for AMD, it is trapped in a vicious circle of supply and demand."

ASUS P5LD2 Premium @ t-break

"With the 945 chipset, Intel allows support for 1066MHz FSB Dual Core CPUs along with PCI-Express, dual channel DDR2 667 and 3Gb SATA with Matrix Storage allowing creation of RAID 0,1,5 and 10. You also get High Definition Audio and eight USB 2.0 ports. While these are pretty good features, ASUS adds quite a few things to it to make it one of the most feature rich boards to hit our labs."

AeroCool Magic-3D PC Case Review @ The Best Case Scenario | Image

"There is only one word to describe what this case looks like in person..."Elegant". This case has a look to it that is like no other case I have seen. Instead of having a run of the mill window or some cheesy cut out with a window. AeroCool decided to be different. "Well Dante, what do you mean by different?" what I mean is that they used mesh."

BenQ Joybee 130 @ Bytesector

"BenQ makes another addition to the popular flash-based mp3 player market with the Joybee 130. BenQ is known for introducing innovative products into the market, and the Joybee is no exception. As well as being a full featured mp3 player, the Joybee has a few tricks of it's own that make it very unique."

Shuttle XPC SB81P (LGA775) @ Hardware Zone

"The release of Shuttle's XPC SB81P saw the debut of their 'P' series of chassis. Featuring an unconventional airflow and cooling system, Shuttle attempts to maintain their edge over the competition with this Intel 915G (LGA775) based barebones system."