ASUS N7800GTX TOP, Google Talk Review, and more!

Shimmer me timbers, they're at it again. Most of you should remember the texture shimmering problem with Nvidia's recent 77.77 drivers, which Nvidia claimed to be a bug and quickly fixed the problem. Now it's ATI's turn to address the issue since it also seems to suffer from a similar problem. As usual, we'll keep you updated on any new driver changes.

Ahanix MCE 601 HTPC Case @ HTPCnews

"Some HTPC enthusiasts are videophiles, some audiophiles, some are even organization addicts but the common denominator among ALL HTPC enthusiasts is that we all want, nay we demand, a high quality, silent, cheap, custom case with a universal IF/RF remote, a VFD, and it must have optional components that are standard... I think you get the idea that we are a very demanding group of people. Today we're going to find out if the Ahanix 601 meets the needs / desires of HTPC users."

Asus N7800GTX TOP @ PC Perspective

"Though we do have to knock the return to a dual slot cooling solution with this model from Asus, the results seem to be well worth the small disadvantage that comes with this cooler. We were able to push the card well past the 486/1.35 speeds all the way up to 511/1.42, the highest we have seen from any vendors 7800 GTX card yet."

Google Talk Review @ The TechZone

"Although Google Talk and AIM do basically the same thing, Google Talk is very different. For starters anyone can join AIM, in order to use Google Talk you need to have a Gmail account. AIM will also let you make a profile, Google Talk you can't. However there are more features on Google Talk that are left out in AIM."

A Brief History of Technology @ PC Review

"Tim Berners-Lee (whose parents were both mathematicians on the Manchester Mark 1 project) is the man responsible for the creation of the World Wide Web (WWW). He saw the potential of hypertext coupled with the internet and in August 1991 he created the first ever website, which has been archived here."

Hitachi Deskstar T7K250 SATA II @ Bytesector

"Last year, I took a look at Hitachi's 7K250 desktop SATA hard drive and was completely amazed by the performance offered. Today, I am going to be taking a look at their updated T7K250 drive, which is pretty much the same, but it supports the SATA II specification and is backwards compatible."