ASUS Launching ROG Branded PCI Express SSD in May

ASUS developing an SSD? Surprising, isn't it? Well it shouldn't be. After all, the company makes everything from notebooks to smartphones to motherboards to graphics cards to monitors to optical drives to keyboards and mice to routers to audio cards to... alright, I need to stop myself. Given ASUS' huge enthusiast focus, moving into the SSD territory makes sense, but instead of going the "normal" route of starting off with 2.5" SATA models, ASUS has decided to reveal a PCIe product under its Republic of Gamers branding.

Marco first introduced us to this upcoming SSD, dubbed RAIDR Express, at CES earlier this year, but details then were quite scarce. In fact, they're still quite scarce, but with a teaser posted to the company's official RoG blog and a May release date, it seems very likely that more details will trickle out soon.

The blog post states that the drive will be capable of delivering 830MB/s read and 810MB/s writes, and... that's it. DIGITIMES further goes on to state that the SSD will feature Toshiba MLC NAND, although again, no specific information has been revealed. Not even the controller has been discussed, but as OCZ's PCIe solutions utilize SandForce, we're led to believe that ASUS' models could as well.

If I can just say one thing about this: do want.