Asus K8N-E, NVIDIA & PEG Link, Digital Cameras and More

Good morning folks!  How's everybody doing today?  I hope you're all doing well.  We here in the HH labs are up to our usual hijinks, overclocking, benchmarking, evaluating, and the like.  Before we get to posting our next review though, we've got some news to tide you over.  Not too much going on this morning, but it'll pick up by tonight I'm sure...

 Asus K8N-E Motherboard Review @ PCStats:

"In any case, in this review PCstats will be focusing on the brand new Asus K8N-E Socket 754 motherboard. This little baby is powered by nVidia's nForce3-250Gb chipset, and comes loaded with features like an additional four port Serial ATA/RAID Silicon Image controller, Gigabit IDE RAID, 8.1 channel audio and IEEE 1394a. On the software front, the bundle lists WinDV Platinum 5, WinDVD Creator Platinum 2 and WinRip2 software among the titles."

 IDF Fall 2004: Intel Technology Showcase @ Legit Reviews:

"Kingston had a clear cased demo system running some of their new PC2-5400 HyperX modules. They also had some of their new generation DataTraveler that have read speeds up to 19MB/sec and write speeds of up to 13MB/sec. Their original USB key had a maximum sustained write speed of only 1.5MB/sec, so the new generation is up to 9 times faster than the original. That should be a night and day difference and make a great product even better..."

 Designtechnica: Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8000 DVR Review:

"If we had written this review only a few weeks earlier, we would have given the Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8000 a poor rating because of the extreme remote lag and its odd recording behaviors. However, a recent software update has made the Explorer 8000 a highly responsive and useful DVR. There is absolutely no remote lag - something that even TiVo and ReplayTV can't claim - and its recording options are much better than they were before the update."

 The ASUS PEG Link & NVIDIA Article Posted @ RojakPot:

"ASUS was initially very tight-lipped about the mysterious PEG Link Mode. But recently, they have been forced to announce and even hype it up! In fact, they now promote it as "a new graphics enhancement technology" for their i915P- and i925X-based motherboards. Today, we will take a look at the ASUS PEG Link Mode and see what it's all about. We will also run a few tests to see what it does for NVIDIA cards! Come and check out the results!"

 Budget Digital Camera Buyer's Guide @ The Tech Zone:

"There are many advantages to getting a budget digital camera over a high end unit. The first being you won't feel as bad if your break it or get it stolen. Just because it's a budget camera doesn't mean it takes cheap pictures. All the cameras profiled in this buyer's guide offer great photo quality and an abundances of features. Although these cameras are designed for point and shoot operation, most of them offer some creative control of color and exposure settings."

That's going to do it for now brothers and sisters.  It's time to get back to work!  Come back soon!  Come back often!