ASUS Hints At Dual Boot Devices, 4, 5, 6-Inch Smartphones Coming For CES 2014

ASUS is teasing us. The company posted a couple of teaser videos hinting at new products that it will unveil at CES 2014 in early January, and although the videos reveal very little, they do provide some telling hints.

In the first video, the Statue of Liberty is holding up two fingers and ends up holding two tablets that switch colors from green to blue, with the tagline “Green or Blue? One or Two?”. It’s likely that this is pointing to Android/Windows dual-boot devices that offer more than one form factor configuration, such as a tablet that docks into a keyboard.

The second video shows colorful balls falling from the sky that have numbers printed on them--4, 5, and 6. The video asks “What’s your number?”, which we’re going to assume is a reference to screen size. Thus, we’re expecting ASUS to reveal smartphones (or phablets, whichever term you prefer) with displays of 4-, 5-, or 6 inches.

None of the above would be the least bit surprising. ASUS is working hard in the mobile space, and it’s proven to be unafraid to experiment with different form factors, dual-booting, and more. Further, there’s supposed to be a big dual-boot push from OEMs at CES this year with the “PC Plus” campaign.