ASUS Extreme N6600GT Review

The gang at HardOCP have taken a look at the ASUS Extreme N6600GT Silencer graphics card. Based on the GeForce 6600GT core and equipped with a totally passive heatsink assembly, this card certainly seems to lend itself well towards a HTPC or quiet gaming box. For comparison sake, you can see how the card faired on the Hot Hardware test bench in this review.

The bottom line is that if you are looking for a silent video card with decent performance in the latest games, then this is the card for you. However, if you are trying to find the best gaming experience for your dollar, the GeForce 6800 GS really adds more bang for your buck considering they are close to the same price. If the ASUS 6600 GT Silencer was available for a lower price, it might be a good deal. However, we'd recommend you don't stop for a coffee before heading online to buy your next video card. Instead, spend that extra $1 on a card that performs better - the GeForce 6800 GS.
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