Asus Extreme AX1800 XT TOP

Ryan and the gang at PC Perspective have just published their review of the Asus Extreme AX1800 XT TOP flagship graphics card. Based on the X1800 GPU, the card is overclocked well beyond reference clock frequencies. This monster of a graphics card also features a beefy heatsink assembly that should effectively cool the GPU while keeping noise output at a reasonable level. Although impressive, this graphcis card is a questionable purchase at best right now with ATI's next generation flagship GPU being just around the corner.

The Asus AX1800XT TOP is one of the fastest single GPU graphics cards we have ever tested, and the package that surrounds the card, including an external power supply, the full King Kong PC game and a USB game pad make for one of the best retail assortments we have seen. The innovations that Asus included on their TOP branded X1800 XT really do make it stand out from the crowd of reference designs, but the pricing we have seen on it will surely break some hearts, and wallets.
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