Asus Eee PC Desktop, Eee Box Unveiled

The scoop wire was running late tonight and these shots of Asus' upcoming Eee Desktop made their way to our inbox just now, so we thought we'd give you the digital relay on the skinny... literally.  Though it's hard to get a sense of size here, this thing is obviously svelte.  We don't have firm details but since this is an Asus "Eee" product, we can assume it follows the same mantra of "Easy to Learn, Easy to Work, Easy to Play".  Maybe a beefed up Linux distro and application bundle?  We'll see...


We should caution you that these are not "official" pictures per se.  In fact, we can't really comment on the source of these pics except to say that they are indeed shots of an Asus Eee PC Desktop product that should be arriving to market some time in the next quarter or so.

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