ASUS Crosshair II Formula Announced

Obtain Instant Upgrades Easily with CPU Level Up

ASUS Crosshair II Formula Provides Extreme Graphics Support with 3-Way SLI and Hybrid SLI Support

Catering to users who require extreme graphical support and robust performance, ASUS, leading producer of motherboards, has today released the new ASUS Crosshair II Formula Motherboard. This powerful motherboard includes innovative technologies like CPU Level Up, Hybrid SLI and 3-Way SLI for the best performance and graphical support. It is also ready for AMD Socket AM2+ Phenom FX / Phenom X4 / Phenom X2 / Athlon™ X2 / Sempron and legacy AM2 processors; and features up to 5200 MT/s via HyperTransport 3.0-based system bus speeds for AM2+ CPUs.

A Simple Click for Instant Upgrades
ASUS’ exclusive CPU Level Up technology makes it easy to upgrade the CPU performance without additional costs. This innovation allows users to easily obtain enhanced performances in just three easy steps. Firstly, users need to enter the BIOS. Next, they simply need to choose the processor they wish to overclock to. Finally, all they need to do is reboot. With ASUS’ innovative technology, the motherboard will now do the rest, and users can instantly start enjoying higher performances and better frame rates. Overclocking has never been this easy! This innovative technology has also been listed on the Ten Best Technologies and Trends of 2007 at the reviewing site Extremetech.

Innovative Graphics Technology with Hybrid SLI-HybridPower and GeForce Boost
Users who feel that their discrete graphics cards are not up to par can now make use of the Crosshair II Formula’s support for Hybrid SLI with HybridPower and GeForce® Boost features. The Hybrid SLI is a dual-graphic solution that utilizes the integrated graphics processor to assist discrete graphics cards for boosted performances. It can even save power by switching off discrete graphics while running lower requirement games.

Another graphical advantage of the Crosshair II Formula is its support for NVIDIA’s 3-way SLI in PCI-E 2.0 mode. With a triple SLI setup, three high-end video cards will work efficiently together to deliver smoother, scalable 3D performances – providing high-end gamers higher frame rates per second and better antialiasing.

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