Asus Aims To Be #3 PC Maker By 2011

We've always heard that setting your sights high was the best way to come close, but evidently Asus isn't up to speed on that mantra. Currently, it's the world's fifth largest PC maker, and while one might assume that it would aspire to be number one, a recent Reuters report says otherwise. In fact, it's openly aiming to grab the bronze medal by 2011 -- but again, who's satisfied with third place?

To be candid, we have all ideas that the CEO would love to overtake Dell, Acer and HP in order to become the planet's largest PC maker, but maybe it's just being realistic here. Indeed, jumping up two spots in the rankings within three years is still a mighty tall order, but with its hot-as-fire Eee PC line and its beastly gaming PCs, it definitely has a diverse enough product portfolio to catch all the attention it needs.

CEO Jerry Shen admitted that this is its "three-three policy," where it looks to move up to #3 within three years. He stated that Asus' current market share is right around 5%, and it would need to grab around 10% to make that move. Easier said than done, right? Though, Shen did seem optimistic, pointing out huge opportunities in China and other emerging markets. The only market that's really killing it right now? Europe, where sales are said to not really "growing at all."

Currently, the company is in the middle of a reorganization following a steep Q4 2008 loss, and we expect it to emerge leaner and more agile in the market. Still, it'll have to steal, not take, market share from someone else, so who do you know is most primed to fall victim to Asus' charge?