ASUS 7800GTX TOP, Data Back Up Guide, and more!

While browsing through the articles that flood our news box, the Archos Gmini 402 really caught my eye. It looks like a hand held game system, but it's more of a portable media center. It's not cheap, but it's reasonable considering the feature set and size of the hard drive(20GB). CoolTechZone has more details for you, so check it out...

Archos Gmini 402 Pocket Multimedia Center @

"There are six main features that make this product standout: PC autosync, video playback, photo wallet, connectivity, music playback and portable gaming. PC autosync would allow you to transfer files back and forth with an automated process. Video and audio playback are self-explanatory; the Gmini 402 would let you play DivX and MPEG4 video formats and MP3, WAV, WMA and DRM WMA audio formats exclusively. The 402 deliver 80 hours of video playback time with a connectivity option to connect to the TV to view movies and music videos."

NEC MultiSync FE992-BK 19 Inch CRT Display Review @ XYZ Computing

"This review will be taking a look at NEC's new MultiSync FE992, a 19" display. Given the size and specs this would have, some time ago, been a desirable product but today it will be overlooked by many people who only want a LCD display. We will be examining the product, seeing how relevant it is, and testing how it compares to the new technologies to which we have grown so fond."

World's Fastest GPU? Asus 7800GTX TOP @ PC Perspective

"PC Perspective has posted a quick preview of the upcoming Asus 7800 GTX TOP (Top Overclocking Performance) video card that is the first real change to the reference board design we have seen. It reverts back to a two slot cooling mechanism that is apparently more efficient and is also much quieter. Though the default clock speeds are about the highest we have seen from any retail card, we were able to overclock to 511 MHz core and 1.42 GHz memory!!"

The ASUS PEG Link Mode Guide @ Adrian's Rojak Pot

"It's been just over a year since ASUS was forced to officially announce the PEG Link Mode. Unfortunately, very little is known about it till today. That's what we intend to correct today. After digging deeper into the mystery of PEG Link Mode, we are proud to present our report on what it actually does! "

How To Really Back Up Your Data @ The TechZone

"Backing up the data on our computers is one of the most boring things we can do. However, without doing so, it can lead to a digital disaster. This article gives you useful advice on how to pick what to backup and best ways to back them up."

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