Asus & ATI CrossFire News

Good afternoon folks! We just got some interesting news by way of Asus. It turns out they've already got a BIOS file ready to enable ATI CrossFire support on their P5WD2 Intel 955X based motherboard (you can see our review of this motherboard right here). Here is a quick snip from the e-mail that we just received...

"Now you can enjoy Crossfire technology on ASUS P5WD2 as well. When you receive ASUS P5WD2 Premium, you may have question about what is the secondary PCI Express for? ASUS is always think ahead to provide solution for future upgrade.

Attached BIOS is the latest BIOS to support CrossFire graphic cards."

This is interesting news for sure, but ATI still has to deliver CrossFire Edition graphics cards in quantity to make this third-party support meaningful. To quote our conclusion from our CrossFire showcase, "Let's hope for competition's sake that ATI delivers on their promises."

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