Astronaut Eats A Honey Sandwich In Zero Gravity And It's Strangely Mesmerizing

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The first Arab astronaut to complete a spacewalk shares how honey forms in space and the internet is finding it to be absolutely delicious content. Sultan Al Neyadi of the United Arab Emirates shared the experience of eating honey on his X (formerly known as Twitter) account while onboard the International Space Station (ISS).

Sultan Al Neyadi, who is currently on a six-month space mission on ISS with his Crew-6 team, prepared for his mission at the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center at Star City in Moscow. He underwent physical, technical, and mental preparation that included zero-gravity simulation, and centrifuge simulation in order to prepare him for high g-forces. In April, Al Neyadi became the first Arab in history to complete a spacewalk. However, with all of his accomplishments, it is currently his tweet about how honey forms in space that is garnering all the attention.

The tweet is captioned, "Have you ever wondered how honey forms in space? I still have some Emirati honey left that I enjoy from time to time. Honey has many benefits, especially for the health of astronauts."

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Many on X have replied, with one remarking, "It is amazing how it takes the shape of a ball while there is no gravity."

A few even had questions for the astronaut, with one asking, "Does it feel any different as you're eating like inside your body? Everything is still able to push and regulate and flow like normal." While another posed the question, "Does this 'float' represent true lack of gravity when we know the speed of SS is simply negating the gravity meaning, if we really just drop honey on a bread in outer space with no speed or gravity, will the interaction of two be exactly the same?" It should be noted that Al Neyadi has not posted an answer to either question.

Al Neyadi is no stranger to having clips like the one above go viral. He also had a post of an exchange with his son via video conference, where the son, Abdulla Sultan Al Niyadi asked his father what he liked best about Earth. Al Neyadi responded with a very heartwarming message, "You are the thing that I love most about Earth."

The honey eating astronaut will be returning to Earth on September 1, 2023, where he will be reunited with his son once again. He will surely be met with high praise from those in his country as well, as Salem Humaid Al-Marri, Director General, MBRSC, remarked following Al Neyadi's historic spacewalk, "Sultan Al-Neyadi's spacewalk has generated an unprecedented level of excitement and interest within the public, underscoring the immense significance of this mission."