ASRock K8 Upgrade 760GX Mobo, ThermalRock Eclipse Case, and more!

Hey folks, the work week is back in full force, and so is the news. In the chaotic war of "Do video games rot your brain?", a new battle seems to have been won by the gamers. How do games help this time? Apparently they speed up your visual processing. The article starts off by saying "but when they're ready to go out they can find their keys quicker than the rest of us"... yeah, right. That's one area where video games haven't helped me :(

ASRock K8 Upgrade 760GX Motherboard @ PC Perspective

"The main advantage of supporting two different CPU packages is clearly the ability to stretch your technology investment. You can go with a Sempron on socket 754 today, and upgrade to a Athlon X2 or Sempron on Socket 939 a few months, even years, down the road. With AMD's commitment to Socket 754 (with 64-bit Semprons) and new products for Socket 939, the ASRock K8 Upgrade 760GX has the potential to remain a usable computer for a very long time."

AMD/Intel Suit OpEd Piece @ PenStar Systems

"What I do expect is that in the short term (until the case is closed) we will see Intel be very careful with its marketing dollars, and how it interacts with the major OEM's and dealers. The timing of this was not random at all. AMD could have a banner year in terms of gaining marketshare, and by applying this very clever legal pressure to Intel at this time, they could stand a chance to gain a lot more sales."

ThermalRock Eclipse @ Bytesector

"Straight out of the box, the case is fairly light, which can be attributed to its 100% aluminum build. Although it is stocked with all the standards like drive bays, fans, etc., the Eclipse exhibits a unique vibe that is undeniable. One of the main draws to this case is that unlike most high-end cases, this one probably won't require you to break the bank, but we'll find out if lower cost means lower quality."

AMD Venice v. San Diego Performance @ Phoronix

"As most of you are aware, AMD's Athlon 64 flagship single core is currently the San Diego, in fact the Athlon 64 FX-57 is based upon the San Diego. The key difference between the San Diego and its Venice counterpart is the amount of L2 Cache. But just how well do these two cores compare clock-for-clock? In this review will be running two of these CPUs at 2.0, 2.2, and 2.6GHz to see the performance difference between the two AMD cores."

G.Skill Extreme PC3200 2-2-2-5 1GB Kit @ OCTools

"The Winbond UTT chip based G.Skill Extreme PC3200 2-2-2-5 1GB Kit lived up to our expectations. With the right motherboard, these modules wil produce the best performance any PC3200 can offer. Its high overclockability at ultra low latencies will complement the high HTTs the nf4 chipsets can afford."