ASRock 939Dual-SATA2, Thermaltake Swing Series Case and More!

ASRock 939Dual-SATA2 Motherboard @ Tweaktown:

Today we've got a brand new motherboard on the chopping block from ASRock, a sub division of ASUS who produce value orientated motherboards. The ASRock 939Dual-SATA2 motherboard is based on ULi's new M1695 chipset and offers many innovative features. It has many features such as PCI Express and AGP support and upgradeability to upcoming AMD processors - it's an upgrader's dream."

Thermaltake Swing Series Case @

"Today for review we have another Pre-mod PC case. This one comes from a company that has become very popular and well known for lots of reasons. Thermaltake is considered a big name in the PC community, they make lots of various products, I'm sure you have heard of them. Today I have the new Swing PC case for review, it is what Thermaltake considers a 'Stylish' mid-tower case. Is it? Read on to find out just what makes this a 'Stylish' case."

Multicolored MobiBLU DAH-1500i MP3 Player Review @

"A few days ago, we reviewed MobiBLU's DAH-1500i MP3 player, which is the smallest in the world. After our analysis and performance testing, we found the player to be attractive and high quality. Even though we reviewed the black version of the player, MobiBLU offers a vast majority of colors to match it with your sense of style. These colors include orange, blue, pink, black, red and silver. All of these colors provide a sense of vibrancy with the overall exterior and the integrated OLED screen."

Apple Mighty Mouse Review @ The Tech Report:

"Have you seen the Mighty Mouse? No, I do not mean the super hero. I mean the latest innovation by Apple computers-- the Mighty Mouse. The mighty mouse is unlike any mouse you've ever seen before. The Mighty Mouse works directly with the latest version of the Macintosh operating system to provide many advanced features. However, using the Mighty Mouse with a Macintosh is not the subject of this article. This article focuses on exactly what you can expect when using the Mighty Mouse with a Windows based PC."