ASRock 775Dual-880Pro, Evercool LGA77 CPU Cooler, and more!

Hey everyone, welcome back. If your QuakeCon thirst hasn't been quenched yet, there's still more news you can drink up. Worthplaying takes a look at Quake 4, with article examining both singleplayer and multiplayer. If you missed what happened on day 3 of the texas event, Bjorn3D has you covered. And what about the tournaments? The champs get their achievements posted up on Gamespy. Enjoy the news!

Widescreen TVs Get the Bends @ Designtechnica

"Widescreen TVs are everywhere. Unfortunately, a lot of them are displaying non-widescreen images that are glaringly, unnaturally, unnervingly bent out of shape. The worst part is that many folks just don't seem to notice—or if they do notice, they don't care. If you got a third wider overnight, wouldn't you lay off the beer? If the tires on your car suddenly turned from circles to ovals, wouldn't the ride get a bit bumpy? Misshapen people and objects would turn daily life into a surreal nightmare. Yet when that nightmare is onscreen, some people just accept it."

Thermaltake BigWater Computer Water Cooling System Review @ Tweaknews | Image

"Thermaltake has done a great job of designing a kit that brings the user everything needed for a system that cools well, and is oh-so-quiet. The BigWater kit brings the bling, as well. A clear block cap complete with a blue LED, UV hoses and coolant, lighted reservoir and stainless steel fittings all combine to make the kit very visually appealing. Quality of materials is excellent and installation was a breeze, despite a poorly written and executed manual."

How To Reinstall Windows XP @ The TechZone

"For anyone that has reinstalled their operating system a few times the process seems pretty straightforward as they have found all of the gotchas the first few times. I have lost mail and contacts but not much else over the years by following (or not following) a system to reload my operating system and software. This purpose of this guide is to give you a checklist to follow so that a reloading of Windows goes smoothly the first time."

Evercool LGA77 CPU Cooler Review @

"Considering the furnace which is the modern Pentium 4 processor, the market for cooling this hotplate is immense, but the task daunting. Today on the bench we've got Evercool's 775 cooler, a radial design undoubtedly inspired by Intel's stock cooler. What remains to be seen however is if an all aluminum design can beat a hybrid bred on years of research."

ASRock 775Dual-880Pro @ Phoronix

"Currently, ASRock offers a combo, dual, and upgrade series - each of which series brings their own unique features. In fact, the focus of this article is the newly unleashed 775Dual-880Pro motherboard that not only supports DDR and DDR2, but also AGP and PCI Express, while supporting Intel's new dual-core processors!"

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