Aspire X-Cruiser, Comparing Dual Core Efficiencies, and more!

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AMD X2 4200+ and 4800+ @ 3DAvenue

"Gone are the days where a SMP system requires you to buy two (usually identical) processors, each with their own cooling requirements. Dual Core eliminates this by simply living up to its name - one processor has two physical cores rather than one, and while at the present time a X2 processor from AMD does indeed seem to cost twice as much as a standard Athlon64 of similar single core power, in due time the fact Dual Core eliminates the need to use two sets of pin configurations and other processor material will drive SMP system costs down even further."

Comparing Dual Core Efficiencies @ t-break

"Looking at the endless benchmarks we've conducted over the past few months, it's pretty clear that certain tasks such as Video Encoding tend to work better with Intel CPUs while AMD CPUs excels at other apps like games. Now, with the introduction of dual core CPUs, theoretically, the equation should remain the same. However, we know that theory doesn't always translate well in real-world tests and that is pretty much the focus of our article today- measuring the efficiency of the second core on dual core CPUs by Intel and AMD."

Aspire X-Cruiser @ Overclockers Online

"Upon removing all the packing material, the first thing about the X-Cruiser that caught my attention was the finish. A very nice, glossy paint was utilized and the black seems very deep and smooth giving the indication that multiple coats were applied. I am a car enthusiast and although this is not an automotive quality finish it is not far off."

AMD Athlon 64 Processors on E Core: Memory Controller Peculiarities in Detail @ X-Bit labs

"The E core revision of the AMD Athlon 64 processors features an enhanced integrated memory controller. In our today's article we will discuss what has been improved compared with the previous controller version, namely, how the new Athlon 64 CPUs work with four memory modules and what benefits the DDR500 SDRAM support has brought these processors."

Thermaltake PurePower TWV500 Series Review @ MVKTech

"Thermaltake ups the ants once again with a kick ass new power supply that provides the latest ATX power standards, incorporated with a new modular cable design with integrated LED display controller. To compliment the power supply unit, Thermaltake throws in a speed controllable fan for extra cooling power, plenty of connectors and cable sets."

Gigabyte G-Power Cooler Pro (GH-PDU21-MF) Review @ ExtensionTech

"We'll take a closer look at one of their HSF's, the G-Power Pro cooler. Sporting support for pretty much any mainstream system board out now, it sure could be a great HSF now, and it'll probably handle your next mainboard upgrade as well later. If that sounds remotely enticing, continue on for the review..."

ATI All-in-Wonder Radeon X800 XT Review @ Sharky Extreme

"Today on Sharky Extreme, we've reviewed the ATI All-in-Wonder Radeon X800 XT 256-MB card, a gaming powerhouse with all the multimedia extras"

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