Arca Space Corp Unveils Turbine Powered Hoverboard To McFly You Back To The Future For $20K

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If you’re a fan of the Back to the Future series, the past few months have been incredibly exciting. We’ve seen Lexus unveil its take on the “hoverboard” with a maglev-based creation, and just this week a company has jumpstarted a Kickstarter campaign to bring a self-drying jacket to market.

Today, we’re learning of yet another company that is looking to reveal its spin on the hoverboard concept. Unfortunately, like some of the other hoverboards that we’ve seen in the past, this one looks more like vaporware than something that we actually believe will end up finding a market in the consumer space.

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The Arca Space Corporation ArcaBoard makes use 36 ducted electric fans that work in tandem to provide 430 pounds of downward thrust, which should be enough thrust to move just about anyone that isn’t morbidly obese. The $19,900 ArcaBoard also has a built-in stabilizer which insures that you won’t be tossed of in an embarrassing fashion as you attempt to impress your friends. If you’re feeling lucky, you can forgo the stabilization system and shift your weight around to steer the ArcaBoard in any direction.

The ArcaBoard supposedly has a software-limited top speed of a leisurely 12.5 mph, and you’ll only be able to enjoy a flight time of six minutes. That’s right; after six minutes, you’ll be sitting back on solid ground. And if you want to recharge for another six minutes of flight time, you’ll have to wait an excruciating six hours to recharge the batteries. However, if you’re simply willing to simply throw money away, you can purchase the optional ArcaDock, which will set you back another $4,500. The ArcaDock reduces charging times down to a mere 35 minutes.

If we sound unimpressed, it’s because the ArcaBoard sounds more like a slick marketing exercise than a product that will actually see the light of day. Everything about it sounds like excess from the 36 fans (which would be a nightmare when it comes to maintenance) to its out-of-this-world price tag.

With that being said, Arca Space Corporation claims that it will begin shipping the ArcaBoard in April 2016. We’re placing bets on an April 1st launch date.