Marty McFly's Self-Drying Jacket Goes Back To The Future Via Kickstarter

Little by little, many of the neat inventions featured in the Back to the Future trilogy are finally coming to fruition. Nike's built a pair powered kicks, there are various hoverboard technologies out there (careful of the ones with wheels), and now the self-drying jacket donned by Marty McFly in the second flick is a reality.

A company called Falyon Wearable Tech brought the idea to Kickstarter with a modest goal of raising $12,000. With 8 days left to goal, backers have pledged just over $13,000 for the SDJ-01, a self-drying jacket with internal "air amplifiers" that blast the jacket with air to dry it from the inside out.

Self-Drying Jacket

"The air amplifiers function in the space between the jacket’s exterior and the inner lining. This serves to keep the high pressure air circulating in an enclosed space, maximizing the drying capability. This also ensures that the jacket dries from the inside out so the layers closest to your skin and clothes dry first," Falyon Wearable Tech explains.

There's a button located on the lower right of the jacket to turn the fans on. The developers claim you'll see noticeable drying effects after just 30 seconds, and after about a minute, you should be about 90 percent dry, depending on the situation. Running through the parking lot during a drizzle or spilling a drink on yourself shouldn't be too hard to handle, though if you fall off a hoverboard and land in a fountain of water, it's going to take longer.

The high tech amenities extend beyond the jacket's ability to dry itself. It's equipped with an interior pocket for your smartphone and a larger interior pocket to store a tablet. It also has two hand-warming pockets and four utility pockets.


If you're interested, there are still several "Early Bird" slots left at $149. You can choose from Charcoal Black, Metallic Silver, Titanium White, or Cobalt Blue. If you want one that looks like Marty McFly's orange version, there's a special edition available for $10 more.

You can go here to back the project.