Apple’s New Chicago Retail Store Has A Big MacBook Laptop For A Roof

apple store rendering

Regardless of how you feel about the company, there is no denying that Apple excels at industrial design. The iPhone, Macbook Air, and even its retail stores have all spurred copycats the world over. Apple’s latest retail store, which is currently under construction, however, won’t be copied anytime soon. Why? Because it’s got a giant Macbook for a roof...

Apple Store MacBook Roof
Image credit: DNAInfo

The 20,000 square foot store is located in Chicago, in Pioneer Court on N. Michigan Ave. The exterior walls of the multi-level store are virtually all-glass, so passers-by can peer all the way through to the other side
The interior layout will feature many of the same, minimalist design elements as current retail store locations, but capping everything off is a flat, roof with curved corners and tapered edges that looks much like the lid on a Macbook or an iPad flipped screen-side down.

Though the roof has been visible for some time, it was a couple of days ago when workers placed a giant Apple logo at the center of the roof that witnesses made the connection. The logo was removed a few hours later, but we suspect it will be back at some point.