Apple iPhone 8 Design Seemingly Confirmed By Mobile Fun Accessory Retailer

Even though Apple’s highly anticipated iPhone 8 won’t make its official debut until this September, it seems as though the supply chain and the accessories market that coalesces around Cupertino’s latest smartphones have made their minds up. One accessory maker, Olixar, seems so confident in the final design of the iPhone 8 that it has already produced three different style cases for the device.

In fact, UK phone accessories retailer Mobile Fun is already listing Olixar’s iPhone 8 cases for sale on its site, and even brags about the products in a blog post. The X-Duo is a traditional-style TPU case, providing full coverage around the perimeter of the device and the back (save for cutouts that reveal the dual rear cameras and Apple logo for those that just have to show off that they’re in possession of an iPhone). The X-Duo is available in Metallic Grey, Silver, Gold and Jet Black.

olixar tpu

The other case from the Olixar is the ExoShield, which is constructed of both TPU and polycarbonate materials. Available in Crystal Clear or Blue, the transparent case gives a full view of the back of the iPhone 8, while providing additional reinforcements around the device corners and around the screen (to minimize shock from impacts that could damage the near bezel-less display).

olixar clear

There’s also an X-Trio case that provides full coverage for the iPhone on the back and even offers protection for the sensor area on the front of the device and an Olixar-branded screen protector available.

One thing that is clear from the images of the Olixar cases is that the iPhone 8 is nearly all-display when view from the front, save for a wide cutout at the top-center of the device. This cutout area serves as a home to the speaker and various sensors (ambient light sensor, camera, etc.). It will be interesting to see how Apple’s iOS 11 UI and apps will take advantage of the display “wings” that flank the sensor area.

olixar cases

We have the feeling that Apple is more than livid at this latest breach regarding its upcoming smartphone, especially after it was revealed earlier this week that audio from an internal company presentation on controlling leaks was actually leaked to the press.

So far, nearly every aspect of the supposed iPhone 8 has been revealed to the public including its final design, its full waterproofing, embedded Touch ID sensor in the display, and Qi wireless charging capabilities. Other “givens” for the smartphone include a new A11 processor, the first OLED display for an iPhone, and improved cameras.