Apple's MacBook And MacBook Pro Lines Get A Docking Station Thanks To Henge Docks

Docking Stations have permeated corporate office buildings for as long as we can remember, and even today, many "business notebooks" ship with a gap in the bottom to connect to a first-party dock that's designed to be chained to one's cube desk. Workers simply haul in their notebook from home, slap it into the dock, and use a ready-made desktop setup.

But Mac users have never really had that luxury. Apple has never made a Mac laptop with a built-in port that allowed for a nice, seamless connection to a docking station. Users have always had to seek out third-party "universal solutions" that never really worked right for one reason or another. Things have become somewhat easier over the years thanks to wireless technologies (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and wireless USB), but some wires are still required, and if you need very high resolutions to handle some of Apple's Cinema displays, you cannot use those Wireless USB devices.

Henge Docks is a new company that is aiming to help ailing Mac users with this problem. Their new line of docking stations are custom made to work with Apple notebooks. Most somewhat modern MacBook machines and MacBook Pro machines are supported, with sizes from 13" to 15" to 17" being cleared for use by various models. These aren't the most elaborate, and in a way, they're just fancy cable management tools. But they're a typical Apple white in color and they hold your Apple notebook with a style that Mac users would appreciate. They're also extremely cheap, with the 13" modem starting at under $60. As of now, just two MacBook models are shipping, with all others set for pre-sale.

Have a look at the demo below to see how these could be used at your desk or even in your home entertainment setup. Hopefully Apple stores will start stocking these soon, as quite a few small business owners may consider switching to OS X if they knew a seamless docking solution existed.