Apple’s iPhone 8 To Finally Gain Wireless Charging Cite Foxconn Insiders

At times it feels as though Apple can be stubbornly slow in adopting features that other smartphone makers have already implemented, one of which is wireless charging. Many hoped it would be included with the iPhone 7. It was not, though don't lose hope if you're an iPhone fan, there is chatter that wireless charging will be one of the feature upgrades on the iPhone 8.

That tidbit comes from an industry source who is supposedly familiar with the matter. According to the unnamed source, Hon Hai Precision (parent firm of Foxconn) is producing wireless modules for what will be the 10th anniversary line of iPhone devices.

iPhone 7

Whether wireless charging actually comes to fruition on the iPhone 8 will ultimately depend on Foxconn's ability to build enough modules to meet demand. It's all about the yield rate, which is the number of usable parts in a production batch. If the yield rate is low, Apple could decide to pass on the feature, as going into production wouldn't be profitable enough. So, if you're an iPhone fan keep your fingers crossed that all goes well with yields.

One thing that is not clear is whether the wireless module, if implemented, would apply to all models of the iPhone 8 or if it will be reserved for a specific SKU. Apple sometimes reserves certain features for higher end builds. For example, if you want the iPhone 7 in the new Jet Black color scheme, you have to opt for 128GB or 256GB of storage (it's not available with 32GB).

Apple may want to consider doing something big with the iPhone 8 to reinvigorate interest. While Apple is still collecting a king's ransom in revenue every quarter, it recently posted its first annual sales decline in 15 years, with its iPhone, iPad, and Mac systems all posting lower sales figures in the fourth quarter of 2017 compared to the same quarter a year prior.