Apple-NVIDIA Relationship Stable For Now

Make no mistake, NVIDIA chips have certainly had some trouble within Apple machines. From odd pixelation problems to weird whirring, NVIDIA's graphics processors have been front-and-center in terms of scrutiny within Apple's MacBook lineup. Apple has generally been able to nix any issues by pushing out firmware updates and such, but to say that the two have had a flawless track record would be inaccurate at best.

To that end, some recent reports sprouted up suggesting that the computer maker and the chip maker may be cutting ties soon, with Apple looking elsewhere in order to avoid some of the issues that have plagued users thus far. According to Fudzilla, however, industry sources close to NVIDIA have confirmed that the relationship with Apple is "doing just fine."

Of course, this could just be damage control, but for now we have no legitimate reason to believe that Apple is considering looking elsewhere for GPUs. Truthfully, we'd love to see some options on MacBook computers. An NVIDIA and AMD option would be fantastic for consumers, though we understand how it would complicate the supply channel and potentially increase costs. At any rate, it seems that all is well for the moment between the two, but we have a hard time believing all this smoke was generated with no fire whatsoever. Maybe there is some yelling going on behind the scenes, but so far as the public knows, all's quiet on the Cupertino front.