More References To Apple's AR Headset Leak In iOS 13 GM Code

Apple takes its time bringing entering new product categories, and that appears to be the case with its upcoming AR headset. The clearest evidence ever that Apple has an AR headset in testing has surfaced from code hidden inside iOS 13.

ar headset girl

IOS developer Steve Troughton-Smith has found a readme file tucked inside iOS 13 that explains to Apple employees how to run augmented reality apps on the iPhone when a headset isn't available. The developer says that the code suggests the rendering might be handled on the iPhone itself and will work with an additional gamepad/motion control device.

ar code

With the readme file telling workers how to test AR apps without having the AR headset, and no mention of AR tech at the Apple event this week, some are wondering if Apple pulled the AR announcement at the last minute. Smith also noted from the code he found that the gamepad profile for the controller has a clicky trackpad, trigger button, and a system button. The assumption is this is a handheld controller to go along with the headset.

Previously the StarBaord frameworks were discovered inside iOS 13 indicating that AR tech was in the works. Other rumors have hinted that an AR announcement could be coming next year. The big news this week in the Apple world came from the iPhone event held yesterday where the new iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro smartphones were announced. The base iPhone 11 starts at $699 while the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max start at $999 and $1,099. Apple also pulled the wraps off the Apple Watch Series 5 at the event.