Apple Watch Series 9 And Google Pixel Watch 2 Are Up For Great Amazon Deals

Two Apple Watch Series 9 renders on a gray gradient background?
Without pulling out your smartphone, do you know what time it is? It's time to save a chunk of change on a smartwatch, is the correct answer. And it doesn't matter if you're entrenched in Apple's iOS ecosystem or Google's Android platform, or are even mobile OS agnostic. Deals abound on both Apple Watch and Wear OS-based smartwatches, either of which would make a great Christmas gift.

For those who have dug their heels into Apple's camp, the Apple Watch Series 9 (41mm) is on sale for $329 at Amazon (save $70). The Series 9 is the latest model that Apple introduced in September. It's powered by Apple's new and custom S9 SiP, its most powerful wearable chip to date, and it supports those fancy double tap gestures you may have seen demoed. The latest version also bumps the display brightness up a notch (up to 2,000 nits) compared to the previous Series 8 lineup.

As for battery life, the efficient chip helps enable up to 18 hours of run time, which is enough to get you through a full workday plus overtime (even for our medical heroes who routinely log 12-hour shifts).

Google Pixel Watch 2 on a man's wrist.

Over in Google's camp, the newest smartwatch from the Pixel team is the Pixel Watch 2 and it's on sale for $296.44 at Amazon (save $53.55). It's only been on the market a short time—around two months—and like the latest Apple Watch model, it's available for an enticing discount. Great timing too, with the holiday season underway.

The Pixel Watch 2 sports a quad-core processor and a low-power co-processor. This combination works efficiently to enable 24 hours of battery life (with an always-on display to boot)), so you can wear it all day and all night (handy if you want to track your sleep patterns). When it comes time to charge it, you can juice it up to 50% in just 30 minutes.

Health and wellness go hand-in-hand with wearables, and in this case, you can pair the Pixel Watch 2 with the recently redesigned Fitness app on your smartphone. Doing so will give you a better overview of your health metrics. And to that end, it comes with six months of Fitbit Premium, which gives you access to tools like a Daily Readiness Score and Sleep Profile.

For more on this smartwatch, check out our Pixel Watch 2 review.

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