This Apple Watch Series 4 Bug Is Causing Endless Reboots For Annoyed Users

Love it or hate it, each fall most of the U.S. and other locations around the world adopt daylight saving time where we "fall back" and lose an hour from our clocks until the spring rolls around. Owners of the Apple Watch Series 4 in Australia, where daylight saving time (DST) rolled out already, experienced a bug that had to do with the Infograph faces on the wearable. Owners found their wearable stuck in an endless reboot loop that was reportedly caused by the large Activity complication on the Infograph Modular face spazzing out thanks to the loss of an hour.

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The Activity complication is meant to give the wearer a timeline graph of the current day broken down hour-by-hour for things like Move Calories, Exercise Minutes, and Stand Hours that show up in the Activity rings. The loss of an hour in those Activity rings was something the watch couldn’t handle, leading to endless reboots. However, a day after the DST change and reports indicate affected Apple Watch Series 4 devices are now back to normal. Apple is likely working on a fix for this issue and will roll out an update to address it so locations yet to transition to DST won’t face the same problem.

Only wearables that had the Infograph Modular face active experienced the reboot loop. The device would boot, try and load the complications, fail to load them, and then reboot again hoping to start up correctly each time. Some people stopped the reboot loop by using the Watch iPhone app to remove the Infograph Module watch face.

The reboot loop affected many Apple Watch users as it is a very popular watch face option as the health and wellness features of the new Apple Watch Series 4 are specifically why many people purchased the wearable. There are no reports of the smaller activity complications causing reboot loops. Apple has until November 4 before the U.S. moves to DST, and until the last Sunday in October before most of Europe makes the change to figure out exactly what the issue is.