Apple Watch Edition To Reportedly Contain At Least $800 Worth Of 18-Karat Gold

As we approach the launch date of the Apple Watch (pegged for sometime during the month of April according to Apple CEO Tim Cook), more and more details about the smartwatch are starting to pour out. Just this week we’ve learned that the Apple Watch was originally supposed to include a bevy of health-focused sensors, but were dropped from the production model due to reliability issues. We also learned that Apple will reportedly have six million units on hand for the April launch, with 50 percent, 33 percent, and 17 percent of production going to the Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch, and the oddly named Apple Watch Edition respectively.

It’s the Apple Watch Edition that is the subject of discussion today; or more specifically, its use of 18-karat gold. Luma Labs co-founder Greg Koenig has given some rough estimates of just how much gold will go towards producing a 42mm Apple Watch Edition (it will also be available in a 38mm version).


Based on an average wall thickness of 1.1mm, Koenig reckons that the body of the 42mm smartwatch will feature 1.02 ounces or 29.16 grams of 18-karat gold. At today’s prices, the amount of gold in the body alone would amount to $853.82. And that price doesn’t take into account the crown and the side button, or the gold clasps seen on certain bands available for the Apple Watch Edition.

Once you add in the price of the sapphire crystal display cover, internal components, and Apple’s typical markup, it’s no wonder that the folks from Cupertino are reportedly installing custom safes in Apple Retail Stores to ward of thieves.

If an Apple Watch Edition, which will likely run into the thousands of dollars at retail level, is too rich for your blood, the $349 Apple Watch Sport will be constructed of “lowly” aluminum and strengthened Ion-X glass.