Tim Cook Says Apple Watch Will Ship In April

There are several questions surrounding Apple's forthcoming Apple Watch. For example, will it be a hit? How long with the battery life be? Will it blend? And of course one of the most frequently asked questions, when will it launch? The only answers we've gotten to most of them have been rumors and speculation, though that changed when Apple CEO Tim Cook decided to reveal a launch window.

Cook used the company's quarterly earnings call to formally and officially announce that the wearable should be ready to ship in April 2015, a month later than the March time frame that had been making the water cooler rounds.

"The creativity and software innovation going on around Apple Watch is incredibly exciting," Cool said. "We can't wait for our customers to experience them when Apple Watch becomes available."

Apple Watch

We won't begrudge Cook for not giving us a specific date to circle on our calendars, not when Apple typically keeps even vague launch windows under wraps until the last minute, which are typically revealed during planned press events.

By announcing an April launch window, Cook threw the media a bit of a curveball. Even though that falls in line with Apple's "early 2015" estimate when first announcing its wearable last September, most assumed that would mean sometime in the first quarter, or by the end of March.

In any event, April is all that far away. In addition, it gives Apple a bit of extra time to try and squeeze more battery life out the wearable, which at present could be as little as 2.5 hours under certain circumstances (gaming, for example).