Apple Stores Will Install Custom Safes To Cut Down On Apple Watch Theft

Apple has yet to reveal pricing information for the high-end versions of its Apple Watch products (only the entry-level Sport edition has been priced; it will set you back $349), though like most of the company's products, we'd be surprised if these wrist wearables didn't carry premium price tags. That will undoubtedly be true of the 18-karat gold Apple Watch Edition, which Apple's retail stores will shove in safes every evening.

According to 9To5Mac, these will be custom designed lock boxes with MagSafe chargers inside so that the Apple Watches will be fully charged the next morning. That's important, as Apple will allow customers to demo the wearables, including the more expensive gold versions, during open hours. These safes are already being installed in various retail locations as they prepare for an anticipated April launch.

Apple Watch Gold

Higher price tags and added security measures won't be the only things that separate the gold edition Apple Watches from their less expensive stainless steel and aluminum counterparts. The gold versions will have a special sales process designed to differentiate them from the regular line of wearables, part of which will entail weighing them on special scales to determine the exact amount of gold in each one.

Whether or not the weight affects the price isn't known, though another reason for the scales is to make sure that returns or replacements come back fully intact -- by measuring the watches beforehand, Apple can determine if a buyer removed any gold.

The scales also hint at there being quite a bit of gold in these wearables, which some expect to run thousands of dollars.