Apple Vision Pro Teardown Reveals Optical Delights And Creepy Tech

vision pro
The Apple Vision Pro follows in the footsteps of a myriad of impressive headsets that augment one's reality, and aims to improve daily life. To separate itself from the pack, one assumes that the technology embedded therein has to be extraordinarily impressive. So, is that the case?

Thanks to iFixIt, we no longer have to wonder what some of the internals look like with its recent teardown analysis. This is not an easy task, as the Apple Vision Pro is not meant to be user accessible. There are a slew of obstacles for getting to the nitty-gritty bits inside, which reveal themselves to be very peculiar indeed. The optical technology is one key aspect of the novelty, since the Vision Pro relies so heavily on its optics to present a convincing experience for the user.

The Apple Vision Pro, after one strong arms oneself inside, has plenty of nifty surprises. Lenticular lenses abound, which help to produce the images in their full and multi-dimensional realities. On a practical note, there are more plastic pieces than expected on the way to the inside, but which do not deter from the quality of the construction. 

Further inside, one finds concave convex lenses, surrounded by a large amount of small screws and connectors. One of the most impressive technologies inside is a stepper motor that allows the lenses to change positions and adjust, as if by magic. This will keep a user's eyes in alignment, which the headset will request of the user upon first use. 

ifix it

To keep all of this technology cool, Nidec Blower fans are behind each eye area, to help manage and dissipate heat. Behind all of the complex and intricate moving motors, the stars of the show really come down to the complex optical systems found throughout the headset. 

What users experience is often just on the surface, such as when one has a persona profile, which is your likeness turned into a virtual avatar for FaceTime. Behind the scenes, all of the optics and cameras are hard at work creating this magical and sometimes odd experience. 

If a distant alien civilization found this technology one day, they would no doubt be intrigued. When looking inside, it is evident it is the workings of an advanced component. It's very potent, and even this article was written entirely while inside of Apple's Vision Pro playground.