Apple lowers iPhone price, revamps iPods

The biggest news - no more 4GB iPhone.  The 8GB iPhone will now be $200 less, at $399.  Additionally, Apple revamped its entire iPod line, with a video nano, the iPod touch, and the iPod classic.
The iPod nano now features a 2.0-inch display that features the same resolution as the previous-generation full-sized iPod: 320 x 240 pixels. "We've achieved this with a screen with the highest pixel density we've ever shipped: 204 ppi," explained Jobs. "And the screen is just gorgeous. We you see it you're going to really love it."

"These new nanos have left our factories already. They shipped today, they're on planes, they should be in stores by this weekend," said Jobs. "'A little video for everyone'" is our new line.
I doubt you'll see the types of lines for these new nanos as with the iPhone, but who knows?  Jobs also announced that the iPod is now the iPod classic.  And - the iPod Touch, basically an iPhone without the phone features - identical in look, but without the earphone slit.  Of course, the price drop for the iPhone was the biggest news for many - and it makes one wonder if anyone who bought the device over the weekend will be heading back to the store to try to get a price match - or else return it and then buy it again.
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