Apple Tops Sales And Relability Charts In October

Another month and another quarter, and yet again Apple is on top of the computer world for something. It's fairly amazing when you think about. On a global basis, OS X-based machines still make up less than 10% of all machines, yet Apple has somehow managed to captivate the general populace and dominate the media. It has also managed to stay on top of positive reports, and things aren't any different now that the most recent quarter has come to a close and the number crunchers have completed their work.

A pair of recent reports have left the top brass in Cupertino smiling, with a Rescuecom report noting that Apple computers "were the least likely to need repair within three years of purchase." The report was speaking for Q3, and Lenovo and Asus were the two companies following Apple. We've personally had great luck with Apple hardware, but to say that everyone agrees with this report would be fibbing just a bit. As with any notebook, there's always the potential for trouble, though it's somewhat reasonable to think that Apple notebook owners would generally be more careful to treat their hardware with the utmost care, and of course, with the price premium on the devices, you'd obviously expect some of that surcharge to go towards quality. Thankfully, it appears that said scenario is indeed the case.

In a separate report, respected research firm NPD confirmed to CNET that Apple computers were "the most popular computers sold in U.S retail in October." What's interesting here is that Apple managed to nab this top spot during the same time that Windows 7 was coming out. Even with the hype surrounding Microsoft's newest OS, Apple somehow remained even more popular. That said, Apple also just introduced a refreshed line of iMac computers and even a new multi-touch mouse, so it definitely had some things going for it as well. The new 21" iMac was said to be the top-selling desktop for October, while the 27" sibling (which has been slow to ship with the Core i7) took #3. Apple also saw itself at the top in terms of notebooks, with the $1199 MacBook Pro topping all other notebooks.

The analysts responsible for dishing the numbers declined to agree that it was the iPod/iPhone 'halo effect' helping sales; instead, he pinned it on the great overall user experience for which OS X is known for. Of course, there are only a few hardware choices when it comes to Apple, whereas PC purchases are spread out over a more diverse selection of machines. In other words, you can rest assured that Apple is still a solid stock to own, but make sure you take all of these numbers with a grain of salt.

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