Apple Sued Over iPhone Battery

At least one customer hasn’t been too thrilled with some of the battery issues with the new iPhone from Apple.

Jose Trujillo, irritated customer, has filed a class action law suit against Apple:
“One iPhone customer wasn't happy at all with the iPhone's battery life or the two alternatives to replacing a defective battery and filed a class-action lawsuit against Apple as a result. In the suit, Jose Trujillo claims that:

Unknown to the Plaintiff, and undisclosed to the public, prior to purchase, the iPhone is a sealed unit with its battery soldered on the inside of the device so that it cannot be changed by the owner.
The suit goes on state:

The battery enclosed in the iPhone can only be charged approximately 300 times before it will be in need of replacement, necessitating a new battery annually for owners of the iPhone.”
While Apple may not have released any advertisements that touted the non-replaceable battery as a ‘feature’ or the best thing since sliced bread, they didn’t seem to indicate otherwise in any public advertisements.

As for the 300 recharges, Apple claims > 80% capacity at the 400 charge point.